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Here at the Detox Sober lounge the drinks are designed by our staff. Whether the Detox Drink 🍈, a deep fruit sweet drink, Sober Sunrise 🍊, a the tart citrus drink, or Skinny Fauxito 🍒, a the berry blasted fruit mixture each drink is made with ❤️ for our visitors.

We also have other drinks like Cabana Coffee ☕, a caffeinated coconut banana blend, N/A Pain Killer 🍍, a pineapple whipped cream based drink, Virgin Bloody Mary 🍅, and more!

Our drinks are made 100% without alcohol. 

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Alexis Lawson

Owner and Founder of Detox Sober Lounge, Alexis created the Lounge to help give individuals who choose not to drink a safe space to socialize and enjoy entertainment. She works hard to build customer relationships and creating a positive and fun environment for everyone. She is eager to help individuals reach their goals of staying abstinent for whatever reason they choose to do so. Alexis is always willing to provide resources and support to those seeking it.

Owner / Founder


Nola Mills

CFO, comes from a background of management. Has a strong passion for the mission of DSL.The lounge brings out her passion for community. Nola is an endless source of knowledge when it comes to strategic analysis. She most enjoys getting to know customers who come in to the business on a regular basis.

Chief Financial Officer

Fundraising Coordinator

Heather Chambers

Fundraiser Coordinator Heather, comes to Detox Sober Lounge with a background in employee/customer retention and HR. Heather enjoys working Detox Sober Lounge. She helps with fundraising for The Lounge and continues to come up with new and bright ideas to improve the atmosphere and customer retention. She also enjoys training new staff.

Fundraising Coordinator



I am Alexis Lawson.

Detox Sober Lounge founder Alexis Lawson was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. High school was a difficult time for her. She had a tough time applying herself and making herself go to class, and and she eventually dropped out to work and party. She began heavily drinking and smoking weed, and started using hard drugs at age 18. She eventually became addicted to meth.

While in jail in 2009 for attempted robbery, she wrote to the Stephen Center and was accepted into their program. After graduating from the Stephen Center, she relapsed 3 months later. She then completed treatment again in 2010. Alexis was able to stay sober for 6 years, but started back using in 2016. She got sober again in 2017.

She later realized one of the things causing her to relapse was going to the bars and not having a purpose. That’s when she thought of the idea for Detox Sober Lounge. She wanted to give people that have gotten sober a place to socialize and hangout with friends without being tempted to use drugs or alcohol.




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    The Detox Sober Lounge is located on

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